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Magic Dragon is a Tayana 55 cutter, fully equipped for ocean cruising. She can easily accomplish 200 mile days when crossing oceans, and can be self sufficient for up to 4 months at a time


We circumnavigated as participants of the Blue Water Rally 1998-2000. This is a rally for those who wish to cruise round the world in company, without the pressures of actually racing.  It is a 2 year event, starting and ending in Gibraltar, and is organised every other year by Blue Water Rallies Ltd


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At anchor in Antigua Hauled out in Darwin
On Deck
Accommodation: Forward stateroom, lobby/dressing area, Port Cabin
Navigation desk, Galley
Master Stateroom
Engine  and Generator
Generator, workbench in engine room, anchor locker.


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We bought Magic Dragon in 1997 with the specific aim of taking part in a round the world rally, sailing with just the two of us as crew. Previously named "Kiki" she was privately registered in the USA. She is now registered as a British Ship in the BVI.

Although we had chartered several bareboats in the Caribbean, we had not owned a yacht before. We evaluated the conditions we would meet, the stresses we would subject a boat to, and the storage and facilities we would need for living aboard for an extensive period. We came to the conclusion that something in the 52-60 ft range would provide the comfort and security we needed, with the bonus of fast passage times, leading to less tiredness and more time in the places we wanted to visit. After looking at many yachts in this range we settled on a Tayana 55 (actually 58 feet) as our boat of choice.

Much of the advice we received suggested that a 58 ft yacht would be far too large for a couple to manage, and we anticipated that we would need to fit additional equipment in order to cope. This turned out not to be necessary, the advice mainly coming from owners of smaller boats who had not thought things through. The reduced motion of a larger yacht together with properly sized equipment actually made Magic Dragon easier to sail shorthanded than many a 45 foot craft. In heavy conditions we saw smaller yachts struggling and taking considerable water into the cockpit while we passed by at much higher speed, steered by autopilot and with dry feet!

In our first year with Magic Dragon we covered 8000 miles. We left from Rhode Island USA to the Chesapeake, joined the Caribbean 1500 rally from Hampton, Virginia to the British Virgin Islands via Bermuda, then returned to the Chesapeake after cruising down to the Grenadines. Magic Dragon proved strong and fast in all conditions, easily managed by the two of us. Friends were amazed by the comfort and facilities on board, and we were certain that we had the right boat for the job.

Over the following 2 years we traveled an additional 28,000 miles, back down to Antigua, then round the world as part of the Blue Water Rally. Again Magic Dragon proved the ideal boat. Although we set a very conservative sail plan she ran regular 200 mile days, with a maximum 213 miles recorded on the way to Australia. Her capacity enabled us to carry plentiful food and spares (we often had to help out others who could not store as much). We were able to run our ice maker, washing machine and air conditioning on a regular basis, much to the envy of our fellow travelers.

Magic Dragon is an excellent yacht for 2 6 people to go offshore cruising. We have been extremely happy with the build quality and facilities of the Tayana 55, and Magic Dragon had been optimized for tropical conditions and the long term cruising lifestyle.


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