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Buy a Big Yacht and Sail off Round the World provides a framework for decisions about the type of yacht and equipment  most suitable for those embarking on a fixed duration, long distance cruise.

We found much of the advice we received before we bought Magic Dragon to be confusing and often misleading. Luckily we took very little at face value and fell back on our analytical and project management skills. As a result, we were able to buy and set up a yacht to be a comfortable and functional craft that would take us round the world quickly, safely and in relative luxury.

We do not believe it is necessary to give up all the benefits of civilisation if you want to go exploring on a yacht. In fact, a decent level of comfort will reduce fatigue, increase enjoyment, and make the whole enterprise far more satisfying.

We ignored the advice of the small boat crowd, bought the big yacht, and sailed off round the world. Buy the book, and start planning your own adventures!






Chapter 1 Introduction   


In the beginning

Was this book written with you in mind?

What type of cruiser will you become?

Is it for me?  

Why we all do it.


Chapter 2 -Is the dream practical or fantasy?    


            A Dream or a Fantasy?

Prior Experience

Physical Requirements

Financial considerations

So can I really do this?


Tales of life aboard Fiji                                                     


Chapter 3: Making plans   


Your initial cruising plan

Cruising in the Mediterranean

The Caribbean

Best of both worlds?

The Atlantic Circuit

All the way round

Our recommendation


Tales of life aboard Christmas in Maho Bay                              


Chapter 4 Preparations   


Reading and Research

Flotillas and Crewed Charters

Training plan

Expanding your experience

Charter in your intended environment


Chapter 5 - Fundamental Decisions    


The crew

Cruising environment


On shore support

To rally or not to rally



Tales of life aboard A Passage                                                          


Chapter 6 - The yacht                                                            

The analytical approach

Basic criteria

Category of yacht



New or secondhand



 Chapter 7 Equipment for comfort and control 


Considerations when specifying equipment

Equipment to handle the yacht

Equipment to support the crew




Tales of life aboard Even the bad times are good, Part 1          


Chapter 8 Electrical Equipment  


Electric power

Equipment to improve the lifestyle

Table of supply and demand



Chapter 9 Communication    


Analysing your communications needs

Requirements to operate the yacht

Social Communications

Running a business while on board

Equipment and Licensing



Tales of life aboard Even the bad times are good, Part 2           


Chapter 10 The Dinghy    


Why such an important factor?

Choice of yacht tender

Storage for the dinghy

Additional considerations

A few refinements


Chapter 11 - Background support 


The function of your shore side support

Financial Organisations

Identifying the contact(s)

Some special considerations

A Floating Hotel


Tales of life aboard Dragons in Komodo                                  


Chapter 12 - Computers On Board  





Chapter 13- Associated Activities  





Water Sports



Tales of life aboard Ibiza                                               


Chapter 14 - Personal Observations   


Why this section

Cost benefits of a larger yacht

Charter Crews

So what happens when it all goes wrong

Transatlantic Attitudes

Yacht skippers


Chapter 15 - Final thoughts                                                   



Commissioning costs







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